About Me

Jisaura Cardinale.

Born in New Zealand.Traveled the world with her parents. Mother and Father are High Wire performers Duo Guerrero. Her mother being one of the only women in the world to hold her father on her shoulders & sings live on the wire. Her parents have been traveling, performing in one of the biggest shows and festivals in the world. The Cardinali(e) family are well known Musicians, Comedians, Singers and Actors, including her most successful family member, Claudia Cardinale, from "Once upon a time in the West & Pink Panther.

Jisaura's first language was English, but also speaks Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese fluently and some Russian and German.

Trained at a Booker Visual and Performing Arts school for 4 years, in Theater, Shakespeare, Music, Dance, Improv and Film. and later graduated with a performing arts diploma in 2006. Was in a hip hop company in Florida for 1 year.

Moved to Los Angeles in 2014 to continue a career in Film/TV.

She is currently studying at Anthony Meindl’s Actor workshop.

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